Important Message

If you read any message, please let it be this one! We are trying our best to warn customers as much as possible between now and October, so you do not get in a bind for company apparel/promotional products needed for your employees, meetings, tradeshows, events, and holidays. The following email applies whether you order from us, or any other “swag” supplier in the industry!

We are so excited about the recent trajectory of our industry’s quick recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, as evidenced by a significant and rapid increase in order volumes. While this is a welcome change from 2020, the speed of the recovery has created a few associated challenges. The current labor market is limiting vendors’ ability to meet demand, and raw material/inventory delays are causing out-of-stock situations/price increases.  Not to mention the unprecedented shipping demand from FedEx & UPS causing longer transit times. As we approach what will be a very busy second half of the year, please pay close attention to information below:

For all regular orders from now until September, please plan far ahead. Try to get orders in 15-18 business days before your due date so we can ensure delivery on time for you. Of course, lead times are subject to the specific item needed, but this is a general safe lead time at this moment. Rush orders can not be guaranteed at this time, but we will always be willing to try for you depending on the item needed.

For all Winter/Fall apparel and Holiday orders, please get orders in absolutely no later than late September/early October in order to receive before Christmas. I know this seems crazy, but I can not stress this enough—not only in our industry, but in the regular retail world as well (so keep in mind for your personal shopping!). If you place orders for the holidays after mid-October, we will not be able to promise delivery by the end of the year.

Please let us know if we can assist with anything at the moment! P.S. 2022 Calendars are on sale until end of July, and they run out of stock fast.

Have a fantastic day!!

Important Message